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Design Stories: Signs

If you've read my post on the Say It With Flowers collection, you'll know that by making every letter of the alphabet available, I'm eager to not leave anyone out. The same theory came to me with signs of the zodiac; I love love LOVE creating star-based drawings and am really fascinated by constellations, so it was an idea that came pretty naturally to me.

When starting to draw the starsigns, I was keen that each figure be my own interpretation, and not necessarily the expected one. A big factor here was the figures that are represented by humans; I really, really didn't want to underrepresent a whole group of Virgos by creating someone with a certain appearance, gender, personality, etc. So I chose other ways to represent those human signs: a lily for Virgo, arrow for Sagittarius, lovely pot for Aquarius and a pair of identical swans for Gemini.

Do you know something I really enjoy doing when I've scanned in some artwork? Keeping the weird little bits that get accidentally scanned - paper edges, ring binders, tears in the paper. I used loads of these little bits for the Signs collection as I thought it helped add a bit of personality to each one.

My favourite figure to draw was definitely Capricorn. I find a lot of joy in drawing a sea-goat. I also thought halfway through drawing Aries that he looked a bit like Clueless Morgan from Muppets Treasure Island... anyone with me? I mean, it's probably a compliment if you're not.

Anyway, I coloured all of these guys in, positioned all the texture and placed a moon-like geometric behind them all, and this is what we've got! What sign of the zodiac are you?

Also - does anyone know the song Signs by Beyonce? Because that was in my head for the creation of this entire collection. Have a listen while you choose which one you like best!

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